WV School Garden Toolkit

written for and by west virginia school gardeners

Toolkit Outline

1. The Community
1.1.    Bringing Farmers into Schools
1.2.    Connecting with Master Gardeners
1.3.    Establishing Goals
1.4.    Purchasing Locally from Farms
1.5.    Working with your Child Nutrition Director
2. The Resources
2.1.    General Resources
2.2.    How to Fund a School Garden
2.3.    Pitching your Project to your School Board
2.4.    Research Supporting the Benefits of School Gardens
2.5.    School Gardens in the News
2.6.    Social Media Outreach Tools
3. The Garden
3.1.    School Garden Planning Sheet
3.2.    Starting a School Garden Program
4. The Students
4.1.    Garden-based Learning: Aligning CSO’s to Gardening
4.2.    Gardening Resources for Children
4.3.    Linking Gardening to School Curriculum
4.4.    Nutrition Education Tips for the Classroom
4.5.    What to do in the Winter?

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