WV School Garden Toolkit

written for and by west virginia school gardeners

Establishing Goals

By David Seay, Child Nutrition Director, Fayette County Schools

Establishing goals is an important aspect of any program.  Goals help keep you focused when there are so many interesting things to get involved in.  It also provides a framework that you are working towards.

Put a committee together of people interested in school gardens, local procurement of produce, farming in general and brainstorm ideas.

Our first list of goals had over a dozen ideas on it.

We pared that list down to something more manageable.

These are the goals that we adopted for our county.  Our wellness team adopted them to give them some official backing.  I’ve used them at meetings to talk about the program.   They are great to use to explain where we are going with the program.   It also provides a handy and effective way to evaluate the program. Is it meeting the goals that were set?


Farm2school Goals for Fayette County Schools

Every school should have a relationship with a local farmer.

We need to purchase as much food locally as possible.

We should increase school visits to local farms.

Every school should have a garden and/or a greenhouse.

We need to have a permanent county garden location.


David Seay, a retired Marine Corps Food Service Officer, loves his job feeding Fayette County Students healthy and Nutritious meals.  The Farm to School projects are his favorite part of the child nutrition program.  Farm to school is a win for the community, a win for the students and a win for the school system.  David has a BS Degree from the University of Maryland, a Masters Degree from Troy State University, a Teaching Certification from Marshall University Graduate College and Bible Training at Appalachian Bible College.


One thought on “Establishing Goals

  1. I like this, because I think it’s so true! I think it’s a good idea to have basic goals that help explain what the program is all about, get official backing on them, and to make sure all activities that are done fall under one of the goals.

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